As most have noticed, we've been updating and reconstructing parts of the website over the past week in an effort to create a better experience for our partners. We will continue pushing a lot of updates over the coming months so from now on, each update will have a corresponding build number. We'll call last week's update v1.0 so here's today's update, v1.1:
  1. Home Portal

    All posts on the homepage will be pulled from the "Network Announcements" section of the forums to keep all users up to date with network, community, and website updates. These posts will have a different layout than other threads on the forums. Instead of a regular discussion thread, replies will come in as comments.

    We'll develop this portal to be more dynamic as we move forward with further updates.
  2. Support Tickets

    Since the founding of this network, we've used a combination of Skype, email, and threads to provide support to our partners with any issues or questions. While this did get the job done, it was not well organized and it was tough to keep everything well-documented.

    As of this update, our website has a complete support ticket system built right in. This means organized open/in-progress/closed tickets for our staff team to reference at any time, all tickets are private so users can confidently share their account or channel information to us without other users grabbing their information, and tickets can either be shifted to certain staff departments for specific issues or escalated to higher-ups if a team is unsure of how to proceed.

    The back-end of this system is still not complete and not all users will not be able to submit tickets until the next website update, v1.2.
  3. Staff Applications

    While this feature is not yet public, we're also working on another built-in system for staff applications, allowing us to easily review/accept/deny applications right from our website's dashboard.

    We'll delve into more details when v1.2 rolls...
Hello all!

It's been awhile since I've been around here on the forums and with the community. My job at Freedom! got quite busy and stressful so I couldn't focus as much time as I wanted to on NG. In November of 2014, I promised to bring NG back to life at the start of 2015, so here I am! The hours I have at Freedom! have been cut down to part-time so half of my focus can be on bringing NG back to its glory days.

So, with that said, I've started with a forum redesign that includes the old NG logo instead of the NTV one. NTV was a community for all, but let's face it, most of us here are focused on games and the gaming community so I'm bringing us back to our roots.

If you happen to come across this post, feel free to tell your friends that NG is back and it's here to kick some more butt! Some things to look forward to: lots of new features, partner exclusives, and a community with users that knows how to support one another.

I welcome all users, old and new, to NecessaryGaming! :)

Please leave me feedback on what you'd like to see implemented into the network in 2015.

Updates added as of Jan. 15, 2015:
  • Xenforo updated to latest stable build: 1.4.4.
  • Forum theme redesign.
  • DeferJS - Loads JS first for increased website speed.
  • User notifications added in the bottom left corner when events happen.
  • Gamer profiles added, input yours here:
  • Moved threads with no user activity in past 20 days into the archive.