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We help gamers like you grow their channels towards success!

We Are Creators
That Help Channels

Through innovation, creativity, effectiveness & <3.

We Are NecessaryTV
Helping Gamers Shine

We create experiences that transform channels, grow businesses
and make people’s lives better. Building channels and driving innovation with powerful ideas.

We're Creative
Crafting With Love

We started this network because we wanted more innovation between YouTube networks.

We're Cool Nerds
Coding With Fun

We build helpful and innovative tools to assist our creators in staying ahead of the curve.

We're Passionate
Available When You Need Us

Our creator support team is only a few clicks away. Send us an e-mail and we'll respond to you within a 24 hour period!

We're Professional
YouTube Certified

Our network has a direct partnership with Google. Our creators know they are getting the highest revenue shares because they aren't with a sub-network.

Revenue Shares
Full Transparency for All

Our network believes in complete transparency. We understand that that is very rare to come by when looking for a network to sign with, but we're setting the bar higher than the rest.

We want creators to trust us. Working together as a team will get everyone much further than working separately. Thus, we will be honest with you from day 1.

On the right, you can see the breakdown of revenue shares between the creator and the network. The larger the channel, the higher the revenue share. Of course, we can also make exceptions to these guidelines. ;)

0 - 10,000 Subscribers


10,000 - 100,000 Subscribers


100,000+ Subscribers


1,000,000+ Subscribers


Cash-In Freedom Points for Bonus Revenue!


What We Do
Our Capabilities

A highly skilled professional network with a creative touch.

Channel Growth
We're Here to Help!

We provide you with multiple different tools to help expand your audience!

With Informative Tools!

Get straight analytics and tools from developers to review channel growth.

Build it Better!

Our community will help review your channel and help get it to where it needs to be!

Making a New You

Our "Matchmaking" service helps you find designers to build a better brand!

Creator Support
And Affinity

Our support team works around the clock to answer questions and get creators what they need!

Having Fun
Office Surfing (with chairs!)

All work and no play would make us boring! Our staff loves to interact with the community and even jump in on game nights!

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